Paypal Verification in Nepal without credit card
This page has been designed to let you know that also helps you to verify your Paypal accout. We use Paypal for shopping and paying and also to receive payments for items we sell online. We know thousands of ecommerce site or online stores now use PayPal to buy and sell goods online.

In Nepal, the craze of buying clothes, mobiles, laptops or gadgets has started. Even I do shop online. Ordering a pizza or momo from you favourite resturant or booking a movie ticket at QFX is also easy with a one click button.

According to my survery, here in Nepal, most of the webmasters, bloggers, programmers and people like me use Paypal account as it is easy to buy domain online, pay for Google Ads (Adword), Facebook Ads, Yahoo Ads, Bing Ads, receive payment from Freelancer and such kinds.
paypal nepal logo
If you do not have any Paypal account or you do not have any debit or credit card. Then you need not to be worried because I am here to help you. I can verify you paypal account at cheap price. The price is just between Nrs. 5000 to Nrs.6000 only.