Wifi & Sovereign Boys Hostel
Sovereign Boy’s Hostel, previously King’s Hostel is located nearby the Pipalboat of Mid-Baneshore.Today I wanna talk about the relation between Wifi and Sovereign Boys Hostel. Everybody knows how crazy we are about internet and 24-hrs we are surrounded by Wifi here in Kathmandu. Wherever we go we are always ready with our Android or IOS devices wherever there’s Wifi avilable. Most of us use internet one the way from Home to School, College or in any public places or resturants as access to Wifi Hotspot networks is open.

Now lets come to the case I’m gonna share with you guys. We have here TP-Link router having speed of 300 MBps with a connection of Broadlink Wifi Internet. Some boys are crazy about internet. They surf 24hrs a day and sometimes I wonder when they will sleep. OMG! I even can’t open a single page the day before any holiday. This the traffic so high. How it sounds when I say 30+ boys with lots of downloading queue in their Internet Download Manager (IDM)? And it may facinates you when I say all this happen together at the speed of 256 Kbps (rarely we get a chance to surf with 512 Kbps).

Here a someguys who always change password and login only at the time when they need. They pretend as if they don’t know about the password infront of others. When they are not a hostel there would be no any internet and only the login page with nobody to enter the login details and when they are at hostel there’s always one to login at the Broadlink Wifi.

I can hack this internet but I’m fade of doing such jobs and the speed is not sufficient for me. So I use my own high speed internet. I feel bad for my best guys because of those dude (bad guys) they’re having problem to access Facebook, Youtube and doing assignments.

Let me remind you that I can re-programe the firmware and replace with mine. The next time if I catch them redhanded changing or hiding the password, I will hack into their system and block their Torrents, Facebook, Skype, Teredo, IDM, and others from their MAC address permanently.