Royal Diadem And The Soul_(
All rare gems like diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires crystallise and lay buried deep in the bedrock of the earth. Nature has hidden them so well that it takes tons and tons of ore to be moved to find these rare beauties. Having been tucked away for millions of years, these beautiful gems get covered with deep layers of waste material. Most often, they are so heavily covered with these ugly layers that their beauty is completely concealed. It takes long process of crushing, washing and separating the ore to detach the gems from their host rock.

Once a master lapidary (gem-cutter) sets his eyes on gem, he comprehends its value. Looking through, he at one once recognises its inner beauty in spite of its ugly superficial layers. Handling it carefully, he realisese its weakness and strengths. Then with a deep study of its fraily and forte, he carefully transforms the gem. Under the influence of intense heat and tough polish, he skilfully uncovers layer until the gem stands untained of all its dirt.

The lapidary then reaches the real gem material. In order to bring out its true beauty, he carefully establishes its graining and maps the cleavage plane. With his expertise and wisdom, he carefully but firmly makes his first cut. The gem is then prepared to take on the remaining facets. As the lapidary passionately and gracefully places the gem on the rotating wheel, he starts grinding and polishing facets, thus fashioning the gem to perfection. This balance then allows the natural flow of light, reflecting and refracting within, instantly exhibiting the ultimate beauty of the gem.

Every soul is like an unidentified rare gem wrapped up in heavy layers of mind and matter. The true nature of the soul is masked and its identity lost. Its precious worth and purpose concealed.

But fortunately, the Master has his royal diadem planned. His lot of rare gems have been pre-selected by the heavenly Father. The Master recognise his collection, no matter in which corner of the world they may have crystallised. Silently, he establishes a connection with his allotted souls. Through his love, he draws the souls towards himself. Though the soul cut the fetters of the world to attain God-realisation. Through his teachings, he starts fashioning, sculpting, reshaping and carving the soul in various ways. When the time is right, he initiates the soul. The soul is then connected to its source by the Word or sound current. By placing it within the four vows, he strengthens it through many of its hurdles and hardships.

The soul that devotes itself to the practice of listening to the divine music then becomes free of worldy associations. This practice allows then natural flow of the divine Light and Sound, reflecting, refracting, vibrating and reverberating within, exhibiting its ultimate splendour. It is only then that the shows off its natural brilliane and shimmers in its own pristine beauty. At this point the Master himself takes a delight in appreciating it. With pride and pleasure, he places it on his royal diadem and the soul is now one with its source.