Earn Money Online means to earn money or revenue online either by doing jobs or free. Many websites and blogs have explained about earning money online but then also I will like to share something that could help you to Earn Money Online. Before starting our journey on making money online, let me remind you that I’m currently helding a project ‘Online Income in Nepal’ or ‘OIN’. So I hope you will be joining too. For more information about ‘OIN’ you can always visit the link below:
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Now, lets begin our first step to our main destination — ‘Earn Money Online’. Here I want to discuss about various ways of earning bucks using internet. Let me point out some main sources on online income.

Earn Money Online by Blogging
If you are a blogger then you certainly have a blog. Blog is a kind of platform where you share your news & views with the world. So while your blogging why don’t you starting making some handsome money. I would love to say ‘Make Money While You Blog’. If your blog gets lots of visitors (traffic) then there are more chances of earning more money. So why don’t you apply for ‘Ads by Google’. I mean you can apply for an Adsense Account. First you need to Go to Adsense.com and click on Signup for Adsense, fill up the form, submit it and wait untill you blog gets approved. If you don’t have any blog there are lots of website where you could get a free blog.

Once your blog is approved, you can create your advertisement slot and then insert the code snippet into your very own blog. Then all you have to do is keep on blogging and making money. You can also learn on How to boost Adsense’s Earnings too.

Earn Money Online From Your Website

After talking about making money by blogging, I want to share on how one can earn money online using his or her website. If you own a website then there is a chance of making online cash using it. You need not to be worry if you don’t own a website as there a lots of websits that provides you free websites. But I recommend you to have your own website. The next thing you have to do is the same thing as I’ve mentioned above in the ‘Earn Money Online by Blogging’. (Note: You can choose any ads provider. I’ve mentioned about Adsense by Google as it pays more but there are other advertisement providers like Adbrite, Smowtion, Chitika and so on.)

Earn Money by using Youtube
I know must of the people watch movies & videos on Youtube!. Youtube has tons of videos where each day million search queries are made. If you make videos or you have right to publish video then I suggest you not only stay calm uploading videos there. Have you ever seen ‘Advertisements on Youtube’? If now go and check out there at Youtube.com/rabinsxpvid. If yes, you too can have a start earning money using Youtube like I am doing these days.

If you don’t have a Youtube account, just create your a/c now. Start uploading videos and after some days later apply for ‘Ads for Video’ and then start collecting more money online.

Earn Money Online by Facebook

As I have mentioned Facebook as a growing giant social network site in my post earlier, this site also help you to earn profits. It can increase your business out there and also can help one to earn money online from home. There lots of ways to make cash using Facebook but here I’m sharing some few. Link sharing on Fb can increase your blog’s or website’s traffic (visitors) and hence your ads load more increasing your revenue by ads. If you run a business this can bring more customers and hence increase you sales resulting you into more profits. In this case more people know about you & your brands or products and finally it will increase your sales.

There are many ways of earning money online and to boost your revenue. I would be sharing with all of you. I have recently conducted a project to help you earn more money online sitting at you home. You can contact me if you like to join on making money online. Always feel free to ask by commenting below. I’m here to help you out there for your business, website or blog’s promotion, earning money online, advertising, search engine optimization and many things for blogger & webmasters. Tell me how can I assit you in any way personally and professionally.

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