Today I have added A levels materials on the section — Education. So I am starting with the model questions of General Paper (GP). I would like to call it no past papers but some guess questions with reference to the syallabus.

Read and follow these instructions.

1. Write your centre number, candidate number and name on all the work you hand in.
2. Write in dark blue or black pen. Do not use paper clips, highlighters, staples, and glue or correction fluid.
3. Answer any two questions from the different sections 1, 2 & 3. There are three sections. Your questions should be taken from two different sections. Each answer should be in 500-600 words.
4. At the end of the examinations, fasten all your work securely together.
5. All questions carry equal marks.

Section 1

1. ‘Global warming’ is a serious threat to us than terrorism.’ Do you agree?
2. ‘The problems of survival for mankind have never been so great as they are today.’ Explain.
3. What are the advantagds and/or disadvantages of genetic engineering?
4. ‘Women are deprived of their rights.’ To what extent do you agree?
5. ‘The Death Penalty has been controversial issue.’ Should it be abolished.

Section 2

6. Why shouldn’t we legalize Euthanasia?
7. ‘Abortion is one of the most intense and polarizing ethical and philosophical issues of the late 20th century.’ Do you agree?
8. How feasible is human settlement on other planets?
9. Assess how successfully your country deals with one aspect of environmental concern.
10. How far do you agree that cyber crime is an ever-increasing danger?

Section 3

11. How important is it to have good command of spoken & written English?
12. ‘Music is the artful arrangement of sounds across time.’ Do you agree?
13. Should people have to pay to listen their music?
14. What music appeals you and why?
15. ‘English language is the chief medium of communication among people.’ What do you say?

This much for today. Next time I will add more Advance Levels materials for you guys. Best of luck for those who are appearing the next examinations.