My name is Rabins Sharma Lamichhane and this is my personal homepage. I hope from this website ( we can be great friends. I will share my experiences with you and you guys also can share whats happening with me. Feel free to ask or comment on my articles or posts. This about me page aims new friend to know about me and my blogging stuffs.

Rabins Sharma

Hi there! I’m a student by day, blogger by evening, sometimes facebooker by night, and this is my blog. I live in Kathmandu, have the great cats named Kali and Meaw, and I like sharing what I think of with others. (I love the sound of rain and and fond of listening music who doesn’t know how to sing but sings from heart.)

I also provide cheap domain names in Nepal and also provides free web hosting. I want to do all kinds of awesome things for my country people.

For newbies, I help them how to create websites or blogs. I help people to boost online income or lets say provides free tips and tricks to earn money online. If you already had started a business or website I can help you in advertising but I take charge. If you want to advertise in Google, Facebook or Bing then I am always here to help you.

Tell me how I can assist you in any way. And thanks for visiting my website. Have fun!