God exists in no form and how can I describe about him? Father, forgive me for if do any mistake. I know you’ll forgive me like a son does to his father. It is perfectly that he is inside us every instant of our lives. Our usual ignorance of the reality of God’s presence is well illustrated by an effective little example from a metaphysical teacher who wrote:

“Try, if you will, to imagine the most beautiful and perfect tiny baby you have ever seen — only a few days before birth, still in womb.

“Imagine that you can communicate with this little one and you ask the question ‘What is your world like? Listen carefully and you hear, ‘My world is a wonderful world. Here I snug, cosy and warm. I’m surrounded with love and every need is provided for, even before the need exists. I hope I can stay here forever.’
“Now you ask another question: ‘Where is your mother? What does she look like?’
You can almost imagine the little facial expression changing to one of quandary.
“Listen again and you hear, ‘My mother? I don’t know what you are talking about! What is a mother? Do I have one?’
“You smile to yourself as you realize this until long after she’s born and she learns of the parent — child relationship. And yet she will never be closer to her mother than she is right now, since she lives, moves and has her being within her own mother.

In the same way we live, move, and have our being completely within him, and yet blindly and persistently think and act as if he were miles away from us, while we are actually constantly nourished and protected right within the womb of his indescribable love!

We always have the power to choose our thoughts, and we can choose love instead of fear. If we can cultivate enough love, we will discover a sense of total security as we come to know and experience the fact that every problem is divinely outmatched by Master’s eternal, radiant presence inside. But we can’t love if we don’t live in the present moment. That has been well said in this way: The past is history, the future’s a mystery. Today is a gift — that’s why it’s called ‘the present’.

He saves us from the clutches of the negative power, he detaches us from the attachments of the sense pleasures, he saves us from the cycle of birth and death, of moving about from one species to another — and he gives us eternal life. No man in this world can do that.

If we have keen desire to realise God, the true Master comes to help us. As Hazur used to say, “How can a blind man can catch one that can see; it is the Master who finds us.” The Master initiates us into Nam and explains the method of meditation which leads us to our union with God.

God reponds to the cries of the suffering souls, and comes to this world in the form of saints to remind us that the very purpose of human life is God-realisation.

Trust me there is a God and have faith in him and act today. In comming days I’ll try to write about how to act today and know about the presence of the great Lord.

The Invisible Hand

Kite - An Invisible Hand-rabins.com.np
I am a kite. Lonesome and without aim, I sit perched upon the shelf. Eagerly waiting for a passer-by to look at me, pick me up and admire my beauty. I sit in the hope that someone will see me for what I really am; beyound the thin colourful sheets of paper and delve into the intricately woven streams of colour that complement the hues of red and gold in the sky when the sun begins to retire for the day. Spanning the vast skies, I see other kites like me; each with its own individual identity.

My attention is drawn up towards those that fly oh so high! Especially the bright red one, which tops them all! It is bright, ambitious and bears the desire to touch the upermost limits of the skies. And so it soars most elegantly, with the wind as its trustworthy companion. The wind takes it higher and higher, near its goal until it is just a red dot, insignificant to those of us down below, but worthy of praise for the tremendous heights it has reached. A true accomplishment indeed.

Just then, I think to myself, “Is is not flying too high? What if in its pursuit to reach higher and higher, the kite compromises its bond with the string which controls it and keeps it connected? Its only source of life is the string.” I watch as my worst fears materialise. The expert manning the string happily watches the red kite as it rises in its glory, but soon enough the red kite escapes, freeing itself from the grips of the string. It soars free.

But for how long? I continue to watch as the red kite slows its motion and drifts. It is lost and steadily spiralling downward, torn to the ground by the very same wind which carried it a while back. The red kite lies lifeless in the dirt now. Without the support of its string and its master, it is defenceless against numerous hands that tug at it, tearing it to pieces in the desire that they should be the ones to possess the kite which had seen such great heights. In the end, each pair of hands walks away with but a shred of red coloured paper from the kite.

I look on and ponder. The winds that took it so high once upon a time were now useless at protecting it from harm. Without the security of the string, the kite lost its very existence. I look at the loving hands that hold my string and promise that I will abide by the gentle tugs, reminding me of the presence of my true companion always. I will heed my Master’s subtle calls to soar high, yet remain in constant touch. I will play into the hands of the wind, allowing it only to help me on my journey insofar as it takes me to where I want to go. But if the winds play at me so that I begin to drift far from my Master, I shall part company with the wind and fly on the wings of the string, back to my faithful and loving source. For it is only in the hands of my Master that I find my existence. With no Master to man may string, I lie meaninglessly on this shelf without life.

This string is our lifeline — our soul — and like an invisible hand, the Master lends us support, sometimes gently and sometimes with firmness. At times, we ride on the winds freely to reach the heights we so yearn to reach. This wind is life. We trust the power of the wind, believing it to be loyal and faithful. And so, whatever activities we engage in during the course of our lives, we must always ensure that the string is well maintained and intact. We need to yield when the Master pulls the string. The persistent, yet gentle tugging and pulling is a reminder to us that wherever we may be today, we can find our connection back to our Master because are destined to go home.

And when opportunities knock at our door, he loosens the string to give us the room and the space to fly high and apply our efforts in this game of life. He is watchful over us at every step, never entrusting us fully to the winds of life. And so the string tugs us back, we are reminded of the fate of the once-bright red kite, which sought to soar the skies without the companionship of its master. It never got to go home. It lay broken and torn, amidst the company of strangers.

What better way than to leave ourselves permanently attached to the Master with the special connection our souls share with him? It is only in his company that we can experience the greatest happiness. So let us yield to his hold, entrusting our strings in his capable hands.


Merry-Dating (rabins.com.np)
Are you looking for the Romance of a Lifetime? If you are, then this is how it works: First you must marry the Beloved, then you must start dating Him. It is a sacred engagement you must keep each day so that you may get to know the Beloved more intimately. In this marriage you will not have to give up your family or leave home. Nor will you have to change your name or conform to a new dress code.

The Bridegroom asks only that you keep your promise to merry-date. He wants only your love. He doesn’t care how you appear, outside or within. If He didn’t think you beautiful, He would not have married you. On the contrary, He asks that you keep the sacred engagement so that you may look through His eyes (or Eye) and discover just how beautiful you are.

Are you ready for the Romance of All Time? If you are, then this is how it works. The Beloved has sought you out from the very begining and has patiently waited for you to return His love. When He finds you mature enough, he sets the Wedding Date. On the day of the wedding, He presents you with His sacred ring, the Ring of Five. This ring binds you to Him for life and afterlife, for life after life. You should remember to wear this ring always, otherwise it may get lost, and you will be full or regret when you find it and have it evaluated.

Are you ready for Divine Romance? If so, then you must keep the sacred engagement to merry-date, for this is the key to a happy marriage. And how exactly do you merry-date? It’s simple. Polish your Ring of Five everyday on your way to meet the Beloved. Let it shine so that He sees your love mirrored in it. Silently wishper your love until it becomes a fire of love that consumes you. Then, when you look into the mirror-ring, you will find that you have always been a reflection of the Beloved’s own sweet Self.

Vibrant Destiny

Are there any guarantees in life, or is it all a game of chance? They say that with every venture comes the possibility of both success and failure; that each opportunity confronts us with any number of possible outcomes, both positive and negative. If this is true, then it must be said that the disciple of a perfect Master is an inconceivably fortunate man, for he has won two lotteries simultaneously. To be born human — the very pinnacle of all species of life — is by itself an exceedingly rare event. But to also have had personal contact with a perfect living saint within that infinitesimal fraction of time, is truly beyond the realm of probability and chance. It is both a miracle and an absolute indicator of the vibrant certainty of his destiny.

What a pity it is then, when the disciple forgets or takes for granted, the untold grace that is the manifestation of a Master in his life. For he has thus failed to understand the immense magnitude of the profound fact that a perfect mystic has crossed his path in the same instant of time and space as his own fleeting human existence. And this is a failure that will eventually come back to haunt him, if not during life, then inevitably at that final moment of truth, when he takes his last human breath.

But what good is a tear shed after the fact? What benefit is the bitter regret of that lost opportunity? If life’s insipid daily routines were overwhelming to the point that the intellet, the heart and the eyes were clouded to this priceless treasure, then remorse at the sunset of life is a meaningless as the wasted itself.

On the other hand, he that lives life drenched in awareness of the love and protection of his Teacher — guided and supported as he certainly is, to achieve the ultimate purpose of humanity — for him, it is a different story altogether. His master becomes his friend, companion, patron, guardian, aide and above all — saviour. And it is all just a matter of awareness — for the Master is, in fact, all of these things to his every disciple, regardless. But it is for the disciple to allow the depth of their relationship to be realised — by his own awareness and effort, not at the geriatric eleventh hour of his human existence, but rather, while life is at its prime, when the sun is blazing brightly upon his daily toil.

And for such a disciple, beyond any doubt, providence prevails. The question is no longer ‘if’ but simply ‘when’. The story book of his life is already written, and it is decidedly a happy ending. The only uncertainty is how many chapters must transpire before he gets there. And that is a matter of just three issues for the disciple: commitment, sincerity and effort.

Looking at the big picture from this perspective gives life a different flavour altogether. Doubt, insecurity and anxiety of the impending future are cast off, and replaced by a luminous resounding cloak of certainty that shields the disciple from apprehension and distress of life’s consequences. He becomes aware only of the divine essence woven into his existence, and of his Master’s influence in stimulating him to appreciate and realise that divinity.

But above all, conviction of his inevitable fate becomes the basis of that essential prerequisite of spirituality — total submission to the will of God.

In the opera of life, where drama and tension dominate every scene of every act, the disciple of a perfect living Master is granted the privilege of a preview of the grand finale. And it is a lustrous resonant certainty that his Master reveals to him, one that should revitalise his obedience and effort. With the outcome assured, all that is needed now is perseverance and patience for the unfolding of the beautiful fragrant bouquet that is his inevitable vibrant destiny.


Love is an illusive quality that many attempt to describe. The imagery contained in poems, songs and stories of love stir us to seek it. Below is a selection of writings from various saints and poets whose words prompt us to want to remove the veil of illusion from our eyes, to see the presence of the Lord within everything, and to turn inward to the abode of everlasting love. Great Master tells us, “Love is a force greater than any other. Love is energy, which gives power to life.” It is easy to understand why love escapes us when we ponder the vastness of our concepts about love. Love ultimately is beyond the mind to understand and cannot be explained by any language. It is impossible to reduce the greatness of love to words that actually describe its depths, its tender beauty and its power. Ultimately, we are, as Great Master said, trying to describe God.
Love (rabins.com.np)

Great Master in ‘Philosophy of the Masters, Vol. 2,’ speaks directly to the heart of the seeker of love:

Four Things Are Necessary In Love

1. No other idea should creep into the mind except that of the beloved.
2. The question of bargaining or give and take should not arise.
3. All types of fear should be removed.
4. The lover should not be in the state of enmity or hate with anyone.

Such persons are never disappointed or lose hope. Their Beloved is always by their side.

Actually, anyone who possesses love in any form and has even a particle of love in them, is worthy to be called a human. This is the touchstone by which we may be judged. We are worthy to be called a human being to the degree in which we have the quality of love in us. If we do not posses the spark of love, we are very far from being called human being.